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World of Nuru

Nuru is an exceptionally slippery and long-lasting massage gel, originating in Japan, the word Nuru comes from the Japanese word meaning “slippery”. For years the Japanese have enjoyed the unique benefits of Nuru gel as an erotic body-to-body massage gel, as a personal lubricant, and as a better alternative to oils and lotions for all regular massage styles.

Explore Nuru

Nuru is a clear, water-based massage gel, fragrance-free and hypo-allergenic with added Aloe Vera extract to moisturize and nourish your skin. Its non-greasy formula won’t stain towels or bed sheets and easily washes off leaving your skin feeling soft and refreshed after every massage. Nuru gel is water soluble, add water to reach the consistency you most enjoy, and works best with wet skin.

Nuru gel comes in two formulas Standard and Platinum. Nuru Standard is a ready-to-use formula for massage or personal lubricant; apply directly to wet skin. Nuru Platinum is a concentrated formula; mix well with warm water until you achieve your desired consistency then enjoy!

Enjoy Nuru

  •  Perform erotic body-to-body massages

  • Enjoy as a personal lubricant

  • Moisturizes your skin with Aloe Vera extract

  • Better alternative to oils and lotions for all regular massage styles

  • Compatible with condoms and adult toys

  • Won’t stain your bed sheets or towels

  • Nuru is best when used in combination with our waterproof bed cover; keeping your bed dry and clean during every massage

Feel Nuru

  • Hypo-allergenic and safe for even the most sensitive skin and all your delicate parts

  • Non-greasy and easily washes off leaving your skin feeling soft and refreshed

  • Super slippery and long lasting for a more pleasurable experience

  • Comes in two formulas to suit your most intimate moments

  • Learn how to give a Nuru massage and take your lovemaking to the next level, your partner will be thrilled! 

Intimate Nuru

Nuru gel is a great way to bring more fun and intimacy into your relationship. As a personal lubricant Nuru gel is moisturizing, super slippery, and long lasting giving you and your partner a deeper and more satisfying feeling during lovemaking. As a massage gel Nuru brings you closer together by performing the most erotic body-to-body massages. A Nuru massage uses special techniques and positions to arouse and relax you and your partner, Nuru creates the perfect conditions for maximum pleasure and enjoyment, nothing could be more stimulating!

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